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A singularity of 3 fragrances

Nietzsche is the philosopher of thoughts in opposition that come together.

The doctrine of "Parfums de Nietzsche" is to bring together a couple of perfumers, opposed in style whose challenge is to be complementary.

Two unique and different fragrances that can be assembled and mixed endlessly, Two creations with a strong personality that can be combined.


Here is a new gesture, a new reflex, where the user becomes the assembler.


I decide and I become who I am,

I smell who I am.

     The perfume can be used:

  • horizontally, by operating the pumps at the same time to unify the two sprays,

  • vertically by perfuming with a natural gesture

  • by successive dosages (3 sprays of one perfume, one spray of another for example) by turning the bottle simultaneously.

  • Refillable, Unisex and Interchangeable

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