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The creator of the brand and the concept

Marriage, like love, is part of the path to the heights.


"Parfums de Nietzsche" is the fruit of the thought of Laurent Assoulen, creator of the brand, who made his debut in the prestigious Quest, Robertet and Takasago laboratories.


Now a jazz pianist / composer, he has created and presented in several countries "The perfumed concert" and will release his sixth album in 2023.


By diverting the name "niche perfumes" into "Nietzsche perfumes" while imagining the same exploration of the intimate that he had in his search for connections between sounds and raw materials, Laurent Assoulen continues his exploratory journey of the link between the deep thought of our existence, of our reason for being,

echoing and resonating with perfumes.


“Surhomme”, Transparent and "Surhomme" Black are the first perfumes in the collection, developed with Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim who agreed to explore this new approach : 

 Creating a perfume while thinking of the connection it will have with the other.


These relationships of friendship and respect which began in 2015 with the new version of the perfumed concert,

were the main reason which led these perfumer artists to explore his new approach: 

Unify the creations of a couple of perfumers to answer the equation : 1+1=3

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