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The couple of Perfumers

"Marriage is the desire to create the unique for two" Nietzsche


Anne Flipo (The transparent Surhomme)

Master Perfumer


"As long as the feeling of unfulfillment remains, everything is still possible, it is the very principle of life."


Sensitive and delicate, Anne Flipo's perfumery is defined by a figurative style which draws its roots from her passion for flowers and gardens.


The exultation is an essential engine for this Master perfumer who conceives, above all, her job as a game which rules would change constantly : "understand, soak up the spirit of a project, question, question everything, perfume is an eternal challenge which confronts us with the imperfection of the things of creation.


As long as the feeling of unfulfillement remains, everything is still possible, it is the very principle of life. "


Carlos Benaim (The black Surhomme)
Master Perfumer
(New York)

"The art of perfume is an olfactory image - the lingering impression left in the air after the wearer leaves the room."


Carlos Benaim is a master perfumer and one of the living legends of modern perfumery.


Aficionado of all that is refined and a skillful painter, Carlos intertwines the intangibility of color and emotion, balancing them with a deep understanding of the technical aspects of perfumery.


Composing in four dimensions, Carlos is an architect of the conceptual.


Balancing his own vision with a true passion for the art of it all, Carlos' work is best viewed in his own wake -

a wake of diffuse scent.

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