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A creamy ginger, iridescent floral, delicately woody and sprinkled with spicy notes, a wind of freedom that brings the human towards elevation and self-control.

Recharge Surhomme (Elévation) 25 ml-Eau de Parfum

SKU: 364215375135191
  • It is important to say that the raw materials send us back to a nostalgic or referential universe which influences our choice.

    In painting, we may not like the color green and yet adore it in a painting ... Perfume is a palette of fragrant colors, a composition where essences interact with each other in order to diffuse an olfactory harmony.

    If the perfume is in agreement with who I want to be or become, in the present or the future, then it accompanies me to illuminate my projection of an ideal world and sublimate the thought that I have of myself.

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